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Anna Jr.

Anna Jr.

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Care Guide

LIGHT It grows easily in bright environments. It does not like direct sun.
IRRIGATION Irrigation can be done as the soil begins to dry. You can find the watering time by checking the soil frequently. Irrigation water should be at room temperature, they are plants with high humidity demand.


No, it is not pet friendly, it is a toxic species


SIZE 35cm with Flower Pot DIAMETER 17cm

Alocasia Polly (Elephant Ear)

Alocasia family belongs to the bulbous plants group. In indoor care, they can remain leafy all year long, leaf loss in winter season, leaf loss indicates that the plant has gone to sleep. It will continue with the irrigation scheme and give new leaves in the spring.

Elephant ear plant is sent with the pot you choose. You can select the delivery date in the Cart section . Note section for the plants to be gifted is on the Basket page.

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