About us

Who are we ? How was Jungleous founded?

We are 2 plant lovers with an entrepreneurial spirit, in love with nature and animals. We built Jungleous with our 4 cats and 2 dogs, together with the plants we tended for hobby purposes, on the roof of our house. Our aim on this journey was to explore this green world together with those who are curious about plants, to help people's homes and work spaces become more peaceful and full of life, to get to know and introduce the plants that live with us, which are always in a corner of our homes. In this adventure, we realized that pots are as important as taking care of plants. As Jungleous, our admiration for Terracota (pot, soil) pots, which is one of the healthiest alternatives for plants, has begun. After our long trials, we got the best yield from our Jungleous stamped terracotta pots, all of which were handcrafted by our masters, and we started to produce our own pottery pots in Izmir. To put it briefly, we have been bringing our plants together with plant lovers since 2019.

So what does this mean Jungleous?

It is a combination of the words “jungle” and “marvelous” and means a magnificent forest. It is subject to a lot of misreading :) The correct pronunciation is 'cangilis' in Turkish.

with love

Mina and Berk