Relieves Stress: Eucalyptus Shower

What is a eucalyptus shower? How is it done and what does it do?

You can try the eucalyptus shower to get rid of the stress we encounter in our daily life, reduce headaches and take a relaxing, fresh breath. As a result of our research, we learned that eucalyptus leaves used in the shower relax us by revealing the aromatic oils they contain together with the warmth. You can both have a fragrant bathroom and enjoy the spa in your home.

You can relieve your headaches, help clear your stuffy nose, and get rid of bad odors in your bathroom. If you are sensitive to aromatic smells or have a complaint such as asthma, you can consult your doctor first.

Before hanging your eucalyptus bunch, we recommend pruning the dried or old leaves with the help of scissors. After pruning, tie your Eucalyptus bunch to your shower head with the help of a string or rubber buckle. You can check the images for examples:

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