Cactus Care 101

Cacti are indispensable for desert lovers, those who forget to water, office desks and glass fronts… It is a rumor, cacti do not like water, they do not require irrigation. So what is the truth? I even killed the cactus, I can't take care of plants, this blog post is for you. We invite you to bring the desert breeze to your home by learning the tricks of cactus care.

The most indispensable trick: Light and Sun

Sun, sun, sun… If you want healthy, fast-growing cacti, you can reserve a sunny glass front, sunny balcony or garden for your cacti. Cacti, like most plants, go to sleep during the winter months, so it is very important for their development to be in a bright and sunny environment in spring and summer. If you have irregular, thin, formless growing cacti, it means that they are receiving insufficient light. We recommend that you change their location. The more light and sun your cacti get, the more frequent your watering will be.

When should it be watered?

Cacti should be watered after their soil has completely dried. Because they like sandy soil, it can be difficult to understand this dryness sometimes. The first method to understand watering time is weight. If your cactus is not very large, check its weight before and after watering. In time, you can control the weight and show your love by holding your cactus on your lap from time to time :) If it is too light, it's time to water it. Another method is to observe the cactus. When your cactus is thirsty, it will start to shrivel slightly. You can water without excessive wrinkling. REMEMBER! For cacti that go dormant during the winter months, watering once a month or less will be sufficient. In winter, we move our cacti away from artificial heat sources, as we do with all our plants.

The last point is; enjoy

After doing all these, you can sit next to you with your favorite drink and enjoy the sun together :) The cacti that love their place are blooming as gifts for us.

This blog post was inspired by the Bloomscape blog post.

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