Preparing Our Plants for Winter

The weather is slowly starting to cool down and it's time to make some changes in our plant care. Before we start, I would like to answer the question of why we change the maintenance system in winter:

Shorter days affect the amount of light our plant needs to receive. Drying air increases the moisture need of tropical plants, and the frequency of irrigation changes as the temperature drops, so some precautions should be taken. It is much easier for our plants to survive the winter months with these 6 Tips.

    • If possible, start by moving the plants closer to the glass from which they receive light. In winter, the direct sun does not harm the plants, but do not leave your plant under direct sun :) (A little trick; Fluorescent lamps can provide the light support that plants want in winter)

    • Sudden temperature changes can damage the plant, do not keep your plant near a radiator or a different heat source. None of us want the leaves to be damaged. If it is in a place such as a balcony, you can consider taking it indoors for types that are not resistant to cold.
    • Most indoor plants have high moisture demands. Therefore, in winter, you can spray your plants with water with a regular spray (Or if you are a plant lover like us, you can use a cold steam machine for humidity). This method is valid not only for winter months, but for every dry interior.
    • Do not forget to regularly ventilate the place where your plants stand. Most plant diseases occur in an airless environment.

    • It's also time to reduce your watering frequency. Especially do not water your cactus and succulents without making sure that the soil is completely dry. (95% of plants that die in winter are due to overwatering.)
    • It's time to wait for Spring for a pot change. Since the plants are in the dormant period and reduce their growth rate, repotting in winter will not be very suitable if it is not an urgent situation.
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