Pilea Peperomioides Care

Pilea peperomioides plant is known by many different names such as 'Chinese money plant, ufo plant, pancake plant' in our language. It is believed to bring abundance to the house it is in, so it is known as the Money Plant. Its homeland is China.

How is this plant, which has recently become popular with its decorative leaves and unusual appearance?


Watering should be done after the soil is completely dry. Pilea Peperomioides is a drought tolerant plant. Overwatering can cause leaf rot, defoliation and root rot. You can find the watering time by sticking your finger in the soil and checking the soil moisture.


Pilea requires filtered light. You can choose a bright place that does not get direct sun. The leaves turn towards the direction from which the light comes in time. You can help it grow more proportionally by turning your plant weekly.


This plant is not a toxic species. You can safely look after your children and pets.

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