Heart Against Heart (Ceropegia Woodi) Care

Ceropegia Woodi took its Turkish name from its heart-shaped leaves and started to be known as the Heart Against the Heart plant. It is an ivy-shaped species, grows fast with the right care.


Watering should be done after the soil is completely dry. Excessive watering can cause leaf rot, yellowing of leaves, root rot. You can find the watering time by sticking your finger in the soil and checking the soil moisture. If the leaves begin to shrivel, your plant is thirsty.


You can choose a bright place that does not get direct sun. Color change can be observed on leaves that are exposed to excessive sun or remain in the dark.


This plant is not a toxic species. You can safely look after your children and pets.


You can prune as your plant grows, you can reproduce it by placing the pruned branches on the soil or by rooting in water.

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