5 plants you should have in your study

5 herbs that will help you work more concentrated and stress-free

Imagine a stress-free desk, what's on it to elevate your mood; a fragrant candle, your favorite coffee or tea, colored pencils for motivation, what about the most important thing on the table, or 'Plants'. Based on our research and our own experiences, the plants we place on our desks in our rooms not only change the atmosphere of the room, but also help us to concentrate more easily and create a quality working environment.

Sansevieria, the indispensable plant of years, Pasha Sword

The Pasha sword is best known for its air cleaning feature and ease of maintenance. It can easily adapt to any light. A plant that you can easily take care of even if the light your desk receives is low.

Pilea , the plant of fertility

Pilea is also known as the Chinese money plant, the plant that brings abundance. Who does not want to be believed to be fertile at the desk! If you have a beautifully lit desk, this plant is for you.

Orchid is the choice of those who cannot give up the classic

If you have a nostalgic soul, if you can't give up flowers on the dining table, in the kitchen or even on the balcony, you need orchids in your study room. Orchids add a fresh and calming atmosphere to their environment. We recommend choosing this plant in your study room for colorful and flamboyant floral touches.

For ivy lovers

If you prefer lots of shelves and bookshelves in your study, how about giving life to these shelves? Plant families such as epipremnum, monstera, philodendron grow in the form of ivy. Their favorite activity is hanging from the shelves :) They can adapt to low-light environments and if you forget to water during busy work periods, they won't get offended right away, I promise!

It is enough for him to look at me; Zamia

The Zamia family is almost impossible to kill. Even if you forget it, it will not forget you, it will welcome you with new leaves. It can adapt to dim environments, its water requirement is less than most plants and it adds a very cool air to your study room with its bright leaves!

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